Success Plan

Success is defined by the effort to improve everyday. A players’ improvement over time will be dependent on the individual, as everyone’s natural abilities are at different levels. However, everyone has the capacity to get better. Players that improve and progress in their games do certain things and exhibit certain qualities. The list below is a guide to help players understand what qualities are needed to not only improve their golf game, but anything they want to enhance in their life.


  • WANT TO COMPETE. They want to be put in the moments to test their skill and feel the pressure. Players should also want to beat the best, not beat someone who did not have their best that day.
  • SURROUND THEMSELVES WITH BETTER PLAYERS. Playing better players, tends to elevate your game.
  • ARE STUDENTS OF THE GAME. They ask questions, take notes and try to understand changes that are being made to their swing. Learn the rules. Learn terminology. Experiment with shots.
  • HAVE FOLLOW THROUGH. Not in the sense of the golf swing, but rather in tasks. If you are working on a drill, complete the task at hand. If you are working on a shot, keep practicing until you master it. See something through and strive for mastery.
  • HAVE GROWTH AS A MINDSET. Have belief that your abilities can be developed by dedication and hard work. Know that by working and obtaining knowledge you can change and improve.
  • ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK. Focus on your goal of working to get better, not that you look silly doing a drill. The concern should lie purely on the fact that this will help you improve your game.
  • ACCEPT AND EMBRACE THAT FAILURE IS PART OF LEARNING AND GROWING. Do not be afraid to fail. Learn from your failure and work to improve for the next opportunity. Challenge a difficult situation despite the fact that you might fail.
  • GIVE 100% TO YOUR COACHES. Players that accept and “buy” into the coaches’ philosophy, approach, and process create a better learning environment. If there is conflict and doubt then the process will be compromised and growth will be stagnant.
  • FOCUS SHOULD BE ON WHAT THEY CAN CONTROL. You can control getting better everyday through what you do and how you do it.
  • PRACTICE THEIR WEAKNESSES AND PLAY TO THEIR STRENGTHS. Players improve when they focus on improving their weaknesses during practice. Most players like to work on their strengths because it makes them feel better. This does not mean you should not work on what you do well, however, allocate more time to working on your weaknesses.